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It's not what's inside us that matters, it's what we do with what we are dealt that defines us.

— unknown

Batman Begins

Standards of Conduct

  1. Security is of utmost importance to many in the transgender community. We will not collect personal information from any member. Moreover, all members are expected to be mindful of the security needs of others, even though they may be different from our own.
  2. No matter where you are on your gender journey, you are welcome at our meetings. Each of us is at our unique place on life's journey. No value judgments will be made pertaining to any member's personal gender identity or goals. Through discussion, there will be a singular opportunity to learn from each other. We accept the diversity in others as we wish to be accepted.
  3. There will be no sexual overtures towards any member or guest.
  4. Suffice it to say, no alcohol, weapons, illegal drugs, or violence will be tolerated. Standards of behavior as befitting ladies and gentlemen will be expected.