3 Quick Search Engine Optimization Tips

You probably have an idea of what the basic SEO tips are, such as finding and using keywords, keyword density and link building tips. However, we’ve decided to provide you with three quick search engine optimization tips that you may not know about. Read on to find out what those tips are.

  1. Create Long Form Content
    We all know know including keywords in content is beneficial. However, what you also want to try to do is focus on creating long form content. Ideally, the articles you post on your site or blog should be at least 1,000-2,000 words. This may seem like a high amount to reach, but it is worth trying to create long form content.
  2. Use Tags
    Make use of tags, such as tags for your posts and alt-tags for images. Tags should be accurate, so make sure you only use tags that are relevant to the content you are tagging. If you use any old random tags that are irrelevant, then this could backfire on you. As a general rule of thumb, you should focus on using 3-5 tags for each post you create, and make sure the alt-tags you use are relevant to the image you are tagging.
  3. Cleanup Spam Comments
    Google and other search engines are not fans of spam, and this includes spam comments. Every now and then you want to take a look at your website or blog to see what comments you’re receiving. If you notice spam comments, then delete them right away.

Those SEO tips can go a long way, so make sure you implement them as soon as possible. Remember, SEO is constantly changing. This means you want to continue to fine-tune your SEO strategy and continue to learn all you can about it. This is how you’ll continue to have success with search engine optimization.